Via Tribal Hawk: How Long

Tribal Hawk: How Long: “When the earth is ravaged the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again”
-Old Native American Prophecy

TX Photographer – Alison Jardine

{EAV:80d4ab6ba382b637}While learning more about how various social media work, I ran across a really cool artist out of Dallas, Alison Jardine. Check out her Flickr feed here:Alison Jardine on FlickrI’m amazed at the stuff she has done on her iPad. Taking a step back in time for a moment… just imagine trying to explain to Picasso that you have this little thingy that can pull up a picture of any of his great works and you can take a stab at something similar. Maybe Van Gogh could’ve been convinced not to lop off his ear.

Amazing Young Artist – Kirke McNeel

I recently had the opportunity to see work from a local Jackson artist who is quietly bursting onto the scene the way artists are supposed to… because she creates outstanding art that evokes a feeling, not because my friend Johnny says she’s the best that’s ever been. Kirke McNeel (follow her on twitter: @K_McNeel) is formally trained as an architect, but brings remnants of O’Keefe and her own flair to the canvas, where she is primarily working in acrylic. Kirke is also getting behind the lens with some interesting photography. Below is one of my faves that I could also link from her new Weebly site. It instantly brings my mind to a romantic date with my wife and the red rose dappled in candlelight – you imagine for yourself… I’m busy splitting a tiramisu.

Here are a couple of places to find her online, but she cautioned me the sites aren’t ready yet. I will keep an eye out on her progress and post an update when she is ready to go live:

I am also trying to talk her into doing a show this winter. Get some of her work while it’s reasonably priced… it won’t be for long.

50mm Prime Lens

So my dog ate my favorite lens… after my wife dropped it, I recovered it, my dad dropped it, and it was left outside. I am debating which 50mm prime lens to purchase, though it is hard to go wrong with the f/1.8 lens from Canon for about $100 (aka the “Nifty Fifty“). I have taken some of my best digital photographs with this lens. At this point it’s a matter of when, not if, I will replace it.

JPG Magazine Entry – Faith

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Mississippi State Cheerleaders

I didn’t take these pictures, but I have them in my digital files and we were discussing old times. For those who were there and who don’t have these shots, here’s to being a bulldawg.

MSU Varsity Cheerleaders – 1996 – MSU vs LSU

MSU Varsity Cheerleaders – 1997 – Pre-Game in Starkville

MSU Varsity Cheerleaders – 1997 – Florida #1

MSU Varsity Cheerleaders – 1997 – Florida #2

If you’re in the picture and would like a bigger version for yourself, let me know.

JPG Magazine Entry

Summer Vacation #1

Elizabeth, the kids, and I recently went on trip to Mississippi and FLorida. Here are some of the pictures from the state park that was right next to our beach house. I’m still culling through the myriad frames to see if there is anything else to post here.

Red Dawn


Water Lilly


JPG Magazine Entry


So, in my wanderings around the net looking for photography classes, I miraculously came across a discussion on blogspot. Baltimore Sun photog, David Hobby, has begun to post on tips, tricks, advice, reviews, deals, and anything else you could possibly ask for regarding off-camera lighting.

I’m hooked. I’m not very good at it yet and I’m still gathering gear as on-the-cheap as my impulse-buying self can… but I’m hooked.

You can check his blog out on the side bar. Hopefully his ideas, with a lot of practice on my part, will lead to better Ka-clicks on my part. Maybe Cartier-Bresson was off by a few thousand shots :)

WORD OF CAUTION: You may feel like an undedicated wimp if you only use available light after reading his blog. I did.