Review: Elftmann Tactical Rifle Conversion Kit

The Elftmann Tactical Rifle Conversion Kit (TRCK) is a really fun product to own. It is difficult to find, but easy to get if you are quick enough to get one of the last 15 or so the manufacturer still has in stock. I write this review from the perspective that a bullpup stock  on [...]

CQB Varmint Terminator – TRCK’d Out Marlin 60

I received my Elftmann Tactical Rifle Conversion Kit (TRCK) from Young Manufacturing today. There isn’t much information out there on this marlin 60 aftermarket stock, so I wanted to document my install. I will follow up again once I get some rounds through it downrange. However, I fully expect it to perform just like [...]

Elftmann Tactical Rifle Conversion Kit – Review Coming Soon


UPDATE: I’ve received the TRCK and installed it on my Marlin. Check it out the tactical rifle conversion kit.As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are very few alternatives for the Marlin Model 60 aftermarket stock. While vegging out today recovering from a stomach bug, I got in touch with the manufacturer of the [...]

Project: Build rifles for the boys with granddaddy

Now that I’ve been back home in Mississippi for a few years, I am getting back to my roots a bit with respect to gardening, hunting, and other skills that I let founder over the course of my college and Navy career. When I was 8 I started with a single shot .410 shotgun [...]