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Neither Red Nor Blue

Many of my friends who align with the democratic party assume I’m a republican because I believe in the freedoms that the “red” party purports to champion like keeping and bearing arms. However, some of my friends who are very “republican” think I’m a crazy left-wing lunatic because I believe in the freedoms that [...]

Let’s Argue a Little More (Better)

We need to stop being distracted by the 10% of things on which we disagree to help solve the problems with the 90% of things on which we agree. If we can’t do that, we will never make any meaningful progress on any issue of importance.

via Paul Sloane at Lifehack

I have been [...]

@MittRomney Eats Grits & Now Says Y’all – Another Reason I Hope MS Votes for @RonPaul

Romney rolled in to the Magnolia State for some stump speeches as he tries to deliver a knockout blow to Gingrich. This guy has the gall to show up and tells us he enjoys grits and that he has learned to say “Y’all”. WOW! I’m glad he’s busy with the culinary and linguistic arts. [...]

Write your Congressman – Laugh & Be Frustrated

You often hear from activists that you should write/call your Congressman. I write when there is a topic on which I would like to express my position or if I would simply like to get the position of my representation. The response has never – not ONCE – lived up to my expectations. I will [...]


Vogtle will soon be a 4-unit site!

As a young guy in the nuclear industry who has repeatedly been told by the older generation that this nuclear renaissance thing is not gonna happen, I fight an uphill battle convincing folks that I think it will. I’ve already been involved with the commissioning of 8 reactor [...]

Smart Voter Are you one? Find others.

Check out TheSmartVoter.com to help form the basis for your votes on election day. A guy I went to high school with has taken the last year to develop a site that encourages discussion about the people who will end up in office before they get there, as well as discourse between people [...]