Congratulations to Chef Paul Yeck

I frequently sing the praises of my brother-in-law, currently the head chef at America Eats Tavern in Washington, DC. Sometimes I get the feeling people think I’m just biased because he’s my brother, but this guy’s food is good – like eat until you’re gonna pop and go back for more good.┬áPaul has been interested [...]

Project: Build rifles for the boys with granddaddy

Now that I’ve been back home in Mississippi for a few years, I am getting back to my roots a bit with respect to gardening, hunting, and other skills that I let founder over the course of my college and Navy career. When I was 8 I started with a single shot .410 shotgun [...]

Poppycakes – Fancy cakes that are actually good

My sister-in-law Jen has started a company called Poppycakes, which makes high-end cakes, cupcakes, & other baked goods. She is based out of DC, but we occasionally get her to make a freebie batch here in Mississippi or at the in-laws in North Carolina. She has always been great with the tail end [...]