Pray for this family

Over the last year, I have worked 4 members of the Janvrin family from Massachusetts – Roland & Julie, their son Chris, and his fiancee Sara. They have had a run that is beyond what lots of us have ever had to deal with or can even conceive of dealing with. They lost their daughter/sister a little more than a year ago. In all of the time I spent with the family they maintained a stoic view and continued living life – enjoying life. Yesterday I heard some news that literally made me feel sick. Chris, a handsome young man in his prime with a beautiful fiancee (Sara) and an otherwise bright life ahead of him, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. From the information I have, there are not a ton of options that modern medicine has to keep the flames of that bright future burning. This is the closest to a modern-day story of Job that I have ever known.

If you pray, please pray for this family. If you get on a spiritual plane and send good vibrations, do that. If you just give money to stuff so someone else can help, do that. Whatever it is that you do to try to offer support to people in need or affect the outcome of things through positive thoughts or petitions to a higher power, please do it now for Chris and his family.

Chris and Sara have started the CWJ Cancer Fund at EverRibbon. If you are so inclined, you can offer your thoughts to them there.

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