Take My Poll: Red or Blue? Neither.

Many of my friends who align with the democratic party assume I’m a republican because I believe in the freedoms that the “red” party purports to champion like keeping and bearing arms. However, some of my friends who are very “republican” think I’m a crazy left-wing lunatic because I believe in the freedoms that the “blue” party claim to stand behind like freedom of speech even in the extreme. Those observations from my friends across the political spectrum and one of the funnier lines in the “This Land” Bush/Kerry parody from JibJab  are actually how I came up with my tag line “left of center right-wing nutjob”.

I’m not “red” or “blue” anymore nor was I ever, really. I’m more of a yellow with a two-tone green and orange racing stripe. It isn’t a neat and tidy mix of color, but neither are all of the issues our “leaders” are faced with a neat and tidy set of things with which to battle. I have voted mostly for Republicans in my voting career. Only in primaries have I ever voted for people who I REALLY wanted to win. I have, in the past, decided that I should vote in the general election for the lesser of the two evils to show my support against the greater of two evils. I have never voted in a general election in which the margin in my state was anywhere near the margin necessary for my vote (or my entire county’s vote for that matter) to matter. Note: In 2004 my 2nd vote for Bush in a general was overshadowed by ~30,000 votes in favor of Kerry in Fairfax county and Bush still won Virginia by over 250,000 votes. Source: Washington Post. I have always felt that I should vote for somebody, anybody, else than the people on the ballot but always convinced myself at the last minute to vote for the “lesser evil”. I have decided that as a general rule I will no longer do that. I supported Ron Paul and may still write him in for the 2012 general election. I think that Buddy Roemer, Gary Johnson, Rocky Anderson, or maybe even Roseanne Barr would do a more honest and open job of governance than either of the two people that we will incessantly hear about the rest of the year and see on the stages of the silly excuses for presidential debates. I am going to NOT vote for Obama and I am going to NOT vote for Romney. I haven’t decided who my pick will be, but I’m going to vote for someone who I could stand behind that wouldn’t – if they were to win – arrive in office with a huge baggage cart of influence debt to be repaid or happy to take on some more. I cannot say that I will do that in every case in the future… there are exceptions to rules. If my vote could settle an outcome and one of the candidates is so bad as to be ruinous or is completely off of my scale, I could potentially be persuaded to vote for a lesser evil. I don’t believe that is the case with this election. I think either major candidate will be ruinous. Please take my poll below and see where other readers land on this issue.

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For your viewing pleasure and a bit of nostalgia:


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If you’re coming here from The Smart Voter or The Survival Podcast communities, welcome. Feel free to roam around a bit and post some graffiti in the comments. I’m especially curious where the TSV and TSP crowd will end up as this subject is not foreign to you.

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