Customized Twitter Notifications

Recently a question was posed on The Survival Podcast regarding custom notifications from Twitter to aid in filtering out all of the useless tweets. My twitter app (Tweetcaster from One Louder Apps) seems to solve that problem with a few workarounds:

1. You can set up custom user notifications. The customization simply sends a second notification (similar to a missed call). Other than that, it is not custom or even different for that matter. I use this notification as a “pay attention” notification:

TweetcasterYou can see that the tweet from @cflorreich popped up separately from the generic “You’ve got a bunch of tweets to go read” notification.

2. The second workaround adds users for whom you have set up custom notifications to a list. I use this in my “monitor” phase. For example, I have a list set up called “MS Emergency” which includes the twitter feeds of the MS Emergency Management Agency, the governor, and assorted “fast-breaking” local media outlets. So if I get a notification from one of them like in #1 above and think something is up, I can shift into monitoring the list feed to watch an event unfold to either get there to take advantage (non-emergencies like special offers for instance) or steer clear (weather emergencies or civil unrest for example).

I hope this helps you better utilize your twitter feed for something practical rather than just a time consumer.


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