Congratulations to Chef Paul Yeck

I frequently sing the praises of my brother-in-law, currently the head chef at America Eats Tavern in Washington, DC. Sometimes I get the feeling people think I’m just biased because he’s my brother, but this guy’s food is good – like eat until you’re gonna pop and go back for more good. Paul has been interested in the culinary arts for a long time, but our holiday meals were really kicked up a notch after he started digging into his craft at L&M Salumeria in Oxford and the French Culinary Institute. Since he’s been working under the tutelage of Jose Andres’s organization, his work has become spectacular.

My obviously biased claims have finally been backed up. Yesterday, released their 2012 Eater Young Guns Final 50. From Eater:

Young Guns is Eater’s annual roll call of the next guard – the most promising newbies in food, wine and hospitality, as selected by industry leaders. 

So if you find yourself in DC, go see the National Archives, the Navy Memorial, and the Spy Museum and then follow it up with a great meal at America Eats – @AmericaEatsTvrn. Congratulations Paul!

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