Customized Twitter Notifications


Recently a question was posed on The Survival Podcast regarding custom notifications from Twitter to aid in filtering out all of the useless tweets. My twitter app (Tweetcaster from One Louder Apps) seems to solve that problem with a few workarounds:

1. You can set up custom user notifications. The customization simply sends a second [...]

If I Wanted to Save America

Many people, including me, complain that the leadership of our country is out of control and something needs to be done. As I mentioned recently in my School District Consolidation post over at The Smart Voter, you have to tackle large problems (eating an elephant) one small step at a time. We, as a nation, [...]

I Won a Soil Cube!

The Soil Cube is a small tool used to start seeds. More specifically, it is a mold that you stuff full of your soil and press into a small cube. You then press a small hole into the top with a threaded press. I’ve been wanting one, but it was way down the list [...]

Downward Class Migration: Not Falling Alone, Sliding Together

Jack Spirko has been talking about “Downward Class Migration” for quite a while on The Survival Podcast. I am hearing more and more media reports about people falling in the class structure, but that isn’t what Jack has been talking about. His point is that what it means to BE middle class (or any given [...]


I love Mountain Dew, well Diet Mountain Dew (DMD) to be more precise. I drink enough of it that I keep about 2 gallons (8 liters) in my pantry rotation to make sure that critical resource never runs dry and as an accumulator tank so I can catch sales on it. On top of [...]

Financial Bogeyman

I am starting to get nervous about markets like I was in 2008. I held on a little too long then and wish I had moved to cash a month earlier than I did… it would have saved me almost 10% of my investments. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel [...]

Focus Areas for Improvement

Jack Spirko’s tenants of modern survivalism are leading me to learn (or relearn) skills that can make my life better. Here are the ones I am focusing on right now: 1. Gardening 2. Food Preservation 3. Energy Independence

I will post some basics of what I’ve been doing in each area over the next couple [...]

My Inspiration to Act

Jack Spirko has completely lit a fire under me to get active in a lot of areas where I have dabbled. I want to make my family more independent and he offers many tips and inspiration to help you get there. In addition to his podcasts: The Survival Podcast and 5 Minutes with Jack