Customized Twitter Notifications


Recently a question was posed on The Survival Podcast regarding custom notifications from Twitter to aid in filtering out all of the useless tweets. My twitter app (Tweetcaster from One Louder Apps) seems to solve that problem with a few workarounds:

1. You can set up custom user notifications. The customization simply sends a second [...]

Let’s Argue a Little More (Better)

We need to stop being distracted by the 10% of things on which we disagree to help solve the problems with the 90% of things on which we agree. If we can’t do that, we will never make any meaningful progress on any issue of importance.

via Paul Sloane at Lifehack

I have been [...]

Smart Voter Are you one? Find others.

Check out to help form the basis for your votes on election day. A guy I went to high school with has taken the last year to develop a site that encourages discussion about the people who will end up in office before they get there, as well as discourse between people [...]

Measuring Social Media

I am trying to learn about different ways to measure effectiveness in “getting out there” in the world of social media. I am spending a bit of time exploring things like:

Empire Avenue, an investment/community game that allows you to monitor statistics of your media

Klout, descriptions and metrics of your influence and who you [...]