Meteor Explodes Over Russia

A meteor flew into the atmosphere in Russia near the Ural mountain city of Chelyabinsk this morning injuring  hundreds and scaring the heck out of a ton more people. Fox News has a 3 minute discussion with some repeats of a small set of video. But Russia Today has a great video montage of what happened [...]

Projects – Guide to Astronomy or Constitution?

I have 2 projects in mind to post here as a series. I can’t decide which one to do first or whether to alternate and do both at the same time. The two subjects are the US Constitution and backyard astronomy.

I would like to take the constitution article by article and amendment by amendment [...]

Contagion? NZ Flu was a good fire drill

This weekend while perusing my twitter feed, I ran across stories of a strange flu-outbreak on a flight to New Zealand. I immediately found it strange that a bunch of people on the same plane broke out with symptoms and was, to be honest, a bit concerned that some new strain of flu could potentially [...]


Vogtle will soon be a 4-unit site!

As a young guy in the nuclear industry who has repeatedly been told by the older generation that this nuclear renaissance thing is not gonna happen, I fight an uphill battle convincing folks that I think it will. I’ve already been involved with the commissioning of 8 reactor [...]

Gulf Coast Tourism – Driven by Staycations?

Not sure about the national market, but here in Mississippi I see a “Come Visit the Gulf Coast” commercial like this one a couple of times a night. According to this BP-funded piece, 2011 was a heckuva year across the Gulf region of TX, LA, MS, AL, and FL. I’m curious how much of that [...]

Dr. Hansen Eats Cocoa Puffs

The video in this post over at Watts Up With That demonstrates once again that Dr. James Hansen with Nasa clearly eats Cocoa Puffs. He’s said that “the ocean’s will begin to boil…” Under any reasonable scenario that I’m aware of, predicted temperatures (EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE THAT WE’RE DOING IT) change only [...]

Opportunity for Hypocricy: Winegate

On the following issue, I intend to be almost 100% hypocritical. Dr. Dipak Das, a UCONN researcher apparently falsified data that showed health benefits of red wine. In discussions on scientific endeavors, I insist that the data be legitimate and the conclusions made from them are based on reasonable assumptions. Aside from no obvious physical [...]

Climategate 2.0 – The Crooks Skated Again

{EAV:86cf06edf9ab240e} How is it that anyone who may have valid questions about scientific data has a tough time getting more than a couple of words in edgewise in a discussion about global warming/climate change/weirding/whatever’s next with some political science/history major flunkie who speaks the party line and thinks they understand statistics, but many thousands of [...]

Kiwanis Nuclear Power Speech

I had the opportunity to speak to the Kiwanis International, Vicksburg Chapter today about nuclear power. I am always amazed at the level of interest from folks who don’t have a background in the same admittedly nerdy subjects I’ve studied. I managed to explain that once you get outside the “hot rock box”, a [...]

Debate? Nah… It’s Over Already, MmmK?

While I despise listening to politicians blather on with party line after party line, the potential debate between Inhofe and Markey discussed at Junk Science could be interesting. Both of the fellas are pretty staunchly in there corners, so I do not expec them to listen to each other. But if the moderator could keep [...]