Customized Twitter Notifications


Recently a question was posed on The Survival Podcast regarding custom notifications from Twitter to aid in filtering out all of the useless tweets. My twitter app (Tweetcaster from One Louder Apps) seems to solve that problem with a few workarounds:

1. You can set up custom user notifications. The customization simply sends a second [...]

Preppers Are Crazy! Oh Wait…

I am ridiculed a bit here and there by friends and even family for some of the cockamamie ideas I come up with. For example:

Storing and rotating 10 gallons or so of potable water, plus more that I don’t rotate/worry about (for flushing, etc.); Buying a few extra cans of tuna, jars of peanut [...]

Silver – Why You Might Want to Buy Some

2012 "Walking Liberty" Silver Eagle

I will start out by saying that this post is not meant to send you off to the bank for a huge withdrawal so that you can go dump a ton of money into silver or gold bullion. However, I believe that silver is either relatively inexpensive/undervalued right now or it is a well-priced inflation [...]

If I Wanted to Save America

Many people, including me, complain that the leadership of our country is out of control and something needs to be done. As I mentioned recently in my School District Consolidation post over at The Smart Voter, you have to tackle large problems (eating an elephant) one small step at a time. We, as a nation, [...]

Rocket Mass Heaters

Rocket mass heaters are the epitome of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). They work on the concept of heat rising. Basically, a fire is built with a column on one side for heat to rise into and a suction hole is left for fresh air to be sucked into via the draft created by the [...]

Ham Radio – So easy Grandpa can do it

DANGER Ham Radio

My family is interested in preparedness. We have all had our “tin-hat” moments worrying about some sort of apocalyptic event or another. As Dan Carlin put it in a recent episode of Common Sense, it’s the “chicken little gene”. It is strong in my family. But I have grown in my understanding of how to [...]

Beck talks about preparedness – a step towards normal

Glenn Beck is pretty big into preparedness. As much money as he has, he realizes his situation could still fall apart – if only at a personal level. Here is an excerpt from his show last week – 3/14/2012. He had a panel of guests who represent various aspects of the community. One of [...]

Contagion? NZ Flu was a good fire drill

This weekend while perusing my twitter feed, I ran across stories of a strange flu-outbreak on a flight to New Zealand. I immediately found it strange that a bunch of people on the same plane broke out with symptoms and was, to be honest, a bit concerned that some new strain of flu could potentially [...]

I Won a Soil Cube!

The Soil Cube is a small tool used to start seeds. More specifically, it is a mold that you stuff full of your soil and press into a small cube. You then press a small hole into the top with a threaded press. I’ve been wanting one, but it was way down the list [...]

Hard-to-kill Greens: Chickweed & Malabar Spinach

Yesterday I heard about 2 separate plants that are both edible and grow easily in my regional climate – Chickweed & Malabar Spinach. You don’t need a green thumb to get these plants going or keep them producing. Having no doubt I could grow these weeds – I have extensive experience with successful weeds growing [...]