Take My Poll: Red or Blue? Neither.

Neither Red Nor Blue

Many of my friends who align with the democratic party assume I’m a republican because I believe in the freedoms that the “red” party purports to champion like keeping and bearing arms. However, some of my friends who are very “republican” think I’m a crazy left-wing lunatic because I believe in the freedoms that [...]

Political Quotient and a Brief Rant

See my post on The SmartVoter to find your “Politcal Quotient” and my rant that covers why we can’t get anything done, even when we’re just trying to measure where people land across the political spectrum. It makes me feel like this guy:


Let’s Argue a Little More (Better)

We need to stop being distracted by the 10% of things on which we disagree to help solve the problems with the 90% of things on which we agree. If we can’t do that, we will never make any meaningful progress on any issue of importance.

via Paul Sloane at Lifehack

I have been [...]

@MittRomney Eats Grits & Now Says Y’all – Another Reason I Hope MS Votes for @RonPaul

Romney rolled in to the Magnolia State for some stump speeches as he tries to deliver a knockout blow to Gingrich. This guy has the gall to show up and tells us he enjoys grits and that he has learned to say “Y’all”. WOW! I’m glad he’s busy with the culinary and linguistic arts. [...]


Vogtle will soon be a 4-unit site!

As a young guy in the nuclear industry who has repeatedly been told by the older generation that this nuclear renaissance thing is not gonna happen, I fight an uphill battle convincing folks that I think it will. I’ve already been involved with the commissioning of 8 reactor [...]

Syria: Prayers & Source for Info

My prayers include a special mention and meditation for the people of Syria. They are going through a situation that is unimaginable to the latte-drinking crowd to which most of us belong. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. The mainstream media is barely talking about Syria, with an occasional mention on “the bottom [...]

Smart Voter Are you one? Find others.

Check out TheSmartVoter.com to help form the basis for your votes on election day. A guy I went to high school with has taken the last year to develop a site that encourages discussion about the people who will end up in office before they get there, as well as discourse between people [...]

Financial Bogeyman

I am starting to get nervous about markets like I was in 2008. I held on a little too long then and wish I had moved to cash a month earlier than I did… it would have saved me almost 10% of my investments. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel [...]

Dr. Hansen Eats Cocoa Puffs

The video in this post over at Watts Up With That demonstrates once again that Dr. James Hansen with Nasa clearly eats Cocoa Puffs. He’s said that “the ocean’s will begin to boil…” Under any reasonable scenario that I’m aware of, predicted temperatures (EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE THAT WE’RE DOING IT) change only [...]

Opportunity for Hypocricy: Winegate

On the following issue, I intend to be almost 100% hypocritical. Dr. Dipak Das, a UCONN researcher apparently falsified data that showed health benefits of red wine. In discussions on scientific endeavors, I insist that the data be legitimate and the conclusions made from them are based on reasonable assumptions. Aside from no obvious physical [...]