Meteor Explodes Over Russia

A meteor flew into the atmosphere in Russia near the Ural mountain city of Chelyabinsk this morning injuring  hundreds and scaring the heck out of a ton more people. Fox News has a 3 minute discussion with some repeats of a small set of video. But Russia Today has a great video montage of what happened [...]

Hard-to-kill Greens: Chickweed & Malabar Spinach

Yesterday I heard about 2 separate plants that are both edible and grow easily in my regional climate – Chickweed & Malabar Spinach. You don’t need a green thumb to get these plants going or keep them producing. Having no doubt I could grow these weeds – I have extensive experience with successful weeds growing [...]

Interesting Fruit Resource from Whole Foods

Via Twitter: @Cooking_Light: Great resource! RT @wholefoods From apples to strawberries, find out how to select, store and prepare favorite fruits:

A feature that would be a great add is how to propagate the fruits from store-bought product. I suppose that’s a bit much to ask from a retailer who would lose sales [...]

Gulf Coast Tourism – Driven by Staycations?

Not sure about the national market, but here in Mississippi I see a “Come Visit the Gulf Coast” commercial like this one a couple of times a night. According to this BP-funded piece, 2011 was a heckuva year across the Gulf region of TX, LA, MS, AL, and FL. I’m curious how much of that [...]

Chef Georgia Pellegrini

I’m completely intrigued by Georgia Pellegrini. She’s gone way beyond where I would expect most girls to go in terms of “back to nature”, hunting, gathering, etc. But she seems to have proven that you can do that stuff and still stay what would be conventionally described as “girly”. Not to mention having some ideas [...]

Dr. Hansen Eats Cocoa Puffs

The video in this post over at Watts Up With That demonstrates once again that Dr. James Hansen with Nasa clearly eats Cocoa Puffs. He’s said that “the ocean’s will begin to boil…” Under any reasonable scenario that I’m aware of, predicted temperatures (EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE THAT WE’RE DOING IT) change only [...]

Climategate 2.0 – The Crooks Skated Again

{EAV:86cf06edf9ab240e} How is it that anyone who may have valid questions about scientific data has a tough time getting more than a couple of words in edgewise in a discussion about global warming/climate change/weirding/whatever’s next with some political science/history major flunkie who speaks the party line and thinks they understand statistics, but many thousands of [...]

Rain, Rain Go Away

As much NOT fun as it is commuting in dense fog and later rain, the after effects are certainly welcome. First, the sky does some pretty cool things right as fronts pass through. Clouds just aren’t as interesting in the middle of low-gradient weather. Things liven up when the temperature/humidity differences start to show up. [...]

Here, deer…

I’m hoping for a discount on venison today. Worst case, beautiful day in the woods.

Update: No venison. I flirted with a doe for about 45 minutes after she came running toward my antler rattling, which sounds pretty realistic if I do say so. I rattled 2 more times while she stood there and [...]

Nerdliness is Genetic

Tonight I introduced my kids to astronomy via telescope. One (hyphenated) word… awe-inspiring.

Previously we have used a pair of 70s vintage 7×35 binoculars from Sears or just gone out with the old eyeballs. You can see a ton of objects with your eyes and even more with binoculars, but there are some advantages [...]