Silver – Why You Might Want to Buy Some

2012 "Walking Liberty" Silver Eagle

I will start out by saying that this post is not meant to send you off to the bank for a huge withdrawal so that you can go dump a ton of money into silver or gold bullion. However, I believe that silver is either relatively inexpensive/undervalued right now or it is a well-priced inflation [...]

School Redistricting

Check out my brief discussion on school redistricting over at The Smart Voter.

Nike Galaxy – Riots? Really?

Nike just released a new, even more hideous pair of shoes to the public with a price tag of $220, the Nike Galaxy Foamposite.

Chris Richardson at has posted 2 videos and some enlightening twitter comments on the “Nike Foamposite riots“. Check out those videos in a bit. But the bottom line is [...]

Hard-to-kill Greens: Chickweed & Malabar Spinach

Yesterday I heard about 2 separate plants that are both edible and grow easily in my regional climate – Chickweed & Malabar Spinach. You don’t need a green thumb to get these plants going or keep them producing. Having no doubt I could grow these weeds – I have extensive experience with successful weeds growing [...]

Downward Class Migration: Not Falling Alone, Sliding Together

Jack Spirko has been talking about “Downward Class Migration” for quite a while on The Survival Podcast. I am hearing more and more media reports about people falling in the class structure, but that isn’t what Jack has been talking about. His point is that what it means to BE middle class (or any given [...]

Financial Bogeyman

I am starting to get nervous about markets like I was in 2008. I held on a little too long then and wish I had moved to cash a month earlier than I did… it would have saved me almost 10% of my investments. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel [...]