Dinner with my wife

I think everyone who has been married more than a couple of years has had a dinner like the one Marshall Ramsey relays on his blog today:

The Entree – Marshall Ramsey

It’s the things rolling around in your head that don’t break the silence that are really interesting. If the marbles rolling around my [...]

Social Network Prepping

So I am all about prepping for food/water/shelter/energy and am a gung ho fan of people like Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast. But prepping is typically described as what to do to continue on living, surviving. But we all recognize something is going to get us eventually. When it does, what about your Facebook [...]

Lily Price’s First Photo Shoot

We were extremely pleased with the work that Olivia Grey Pritchard did for us right when LP was born. Check out her blog OliviaGreyPritchard.blogspot.com

Olivia did an awesome job for us and I would recommend her highly. She took control of our unruly models and made some photographic magic happen.


LP’s First Bite

While the family was off work, in-laws in town from DC and Charlotte, and basically enjoying being together with no commitments, LP (my baby girl) passed a few pretty major milestones. Pictured above is her first bite of solid food. We had worked on rice “cereal” a bit. Sidenote: for those of you [...]

Here, deer…

I’m hoping for a discount on venison today. Worst case, beautiful day in the woods.

Update: No venison. I flirted with a doe for about 45 minutes after she came running toward my antler rattling, which sounds pretty realistic if I do say so. I rattled 2 more times while she stood there and [...]

Nerdliness is Genetic

Tonight I introduced my kids to astronomy via telescope. One (hyphenated) word… awe-inspiring.

Previously we have used a pair of 70s vintage 7×35 binoculars from Sears or just gone out with the old eyeballs. You can see a ton of objects with your eyes and even more with binoculars, but there are some advantages [...]

The Toys I Always Wanted

The kids each got an iPod Touch AND a Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas. They also racked up with tons of Lego Ninjago stuff and this new game called Beyblade (marketed on Cartoon network with its own cartoon). Awesome aunt Jen, aka Papucha kicked in with a new refractor telescope from Tasco, which comes with [...]

Santa is following me

I am almost positive Santa has begun following is today. It must be that Elf on the Shelf, Thomas, passing intelligence to the Central Present Fulfillment Agency (90.0N 0-180E/W)

Stolen: My Heart

My 5 month old baby girl makes me smile inside… she smiles at me almost every time we interact. Even when she’s been screaming her head off she’ll laugh herself silly with a little tickling or funny singing from Daddy. Her eyes lock onto me and she watches me like I’m her hero. She [...]