AmazonFresh: Supersaver Shipping Your Produce?

The following is a summary review of an article,  Amazon May Claim a Bigger Place in the Food Chain, posted at E-Commerce Times by Rachelle Dragani on June 6, 2013.

In the past, groceries were often delivered. That has waned these days in the time of “everybody has an SUV”, but Amazon could bring grocery delivery [...]

Congratulations to Chef Paul Yeck

I frequently sing the praises of my brother-in-law, currently the head chef at America Eats Tavern in Washington, DC. Sometimes I get the feeling people think I’m just biased because he’s my brother, but this guy’s food is good – like eat until you’re gonna pop and go back for more good. Paul has been interested [...]

Poppycakes – Fancy cakes that are actually good

My sister-in-law Jen has started a company called Poppycakes, which makes high-end cakes, cupcakes, & other baked goods. She is based out of DC, but we occasionally get her to make a freebie batch here in Mississippi or at the in-laws in North Carolina. She has always been great with the tail end [...]

Hard-to-kill Greens: Chickweed & Malabar Spinach

Yesterday I heard about 2 separate plants that are both edible and grow easily in my regional climate – Chickweed & Malabar Spinach. You don’t need a green thumb to get these plants going or keep them producing. Having no doubt I could grow these weeds – I have extensive experience with successful weeds growing [...]


I love Mountain Dew, well Diet Mountain Dew (DMD) to be more precise. I drink enough of it that I keep about 2 gallons (8 liters) in my pantry rotation to make sure that critical resource never runs dry and as an accumulator tank so I can catch sales on it. On top of [...]

Interesting Fruit Resource from Whole Foods

Via Twitter: @Cooking_Light: Great resource! RT @wholefoods From apples to strawberries, find out how to select, store and prepare favorite fruits:

A feature that would be a great add is how to propagate the fruits from store-bought product. I suppose that’s a bit much to ask from a retailer who would lose sales [...]

Chef Georgia Pellegrini

I’m completely intrigued by Georgia Pellegrini. She’s gone way beyond where I would expect most girls to go in terms of “back to nature”, hunting, gathering, etc. But she seems to have proven that you can do that stuff and still stay what would be conventionally described as “girly”. Not to mention having some ideas [...]

Opportunity for Hypocricy: Winegate

On the following issue, I intend to be almost 100% hypocritical. Dr. Dipak Das, a UCONN researcher apparently falsified data that showed health benefits of red wine. In discussions on scientific endeavors, I insist that the data be legitimate and the conclusions made from them are based on reasonable assumptions. Aside from no obvious physical [...]

Local Farmers & Produce

My search for locally grown food just became much easier. Since my wife & I returned from a trip to east Tennessee on a visit to some friends that live outside the rural town of Maryville, we have been looking for farms that raise meat and vegetables to reduce the amount of mass-produced food [...]

LP’s First Bite

While the family was off work, in-laws in town from DC and Charlotte, and basically enjoying being together with no commitments, LP (my baby girl) passed a few pretty major milestones. Pictured above is her first bite of solid food. We had worked on rice “cereal” a bit. Sidenote: for those of you [...]