Customized Twitter Notifications


Recently a question was posed on The Survival Podcast regarding custom notifications from Twitter to aid in filtering out all of the useless tweets. My twitter app (Tweetcaster from One Louder Apps) seems to solve that problem with a few workarounds:

1. You can set up custom user notifications. The customization simply sends a second [...]

Syria: Prayers & Source for Info

My prayers include a special mention and meditation for the people of Syria. They are going through a situation that is unimaginable to the latte-drinking crowd to which most of us belong. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. The mainstream media is barely talking about Syria, with an occasional mention on “the bottom [...]

Why I carry knives

My wife always asks me why I carry my Barrage from Benchmade on me all the time and keep my Benchmade Houdini Pro in my car. She thinks I’m a bit of a knife/gun/___ nut. Here’s a timely reason from Blade Mag. So far, I’ve only convinced her to carry an old Swiss Army Knife [...]