Pray for this family

Over the last year, I have worked 4 members of the Janvrin family from Massachusetts – Roland & Julie, their son Chris, and his fiancee Sara. They have had a run that is beyond what lots of us have ever had to deal with or can even conceive of dealing with. They lost their daughter/sister [...]

Syria: Prayers & Source for Info

My prayers include a special mention and meditation for the people of Syria. They are going through a situation that is unimaginable to the latte-drinking crowd to which most of us belong. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. The mainstream media is barely talking about Syria, with an occasional mention on “the bottom [...]

Extreme Races: Warrior Dash & GORUCK Challenge

UPDATE: Run For Your Lives is another extreme race… basically a 5k with obstacles and, more importantly, zombies!!! This looks like a fun, less serious alternative to the GORUCK challenge and perhaps a little less physically challenging than the Warrior Dash. If anyone has participated in any of these and would like to leave a [...]