AmazonFresh: Supersaver Shipping Your Produce?

The following is a summary review of an article,  Amazon May Claim a Bigger Place in the Food Chain, posted at E-Commerce Times by Rachelle Dragani on June 6, 2013.

In the past, groceries were often delivered. That has waned these days in the time of “everybody has an SUV”, but Amazon could bring grocery delivery [...]

Measuring Social Media

I am trying to learn about different ways to measure effectiveness in “getting out there” in the world of social media. I am spending a bit of time exploring things like:

Empire Avenue, an investment/community game that allows you to monitor statistics of your media

Klout, descriptions and metrics of your influence and who you [...]

My Inspiration to Act

Jack Spirko has completely lit a fire under me to get active in a lot of areas where I have dabbled. I want to make my family more independent and he offers many tips and inspiration to help you get there. In addition to his podcasts: The Survival Podcast and 5 Minutes with Jack