Beck talks about preparedness – a step towards normal

Glenn Beck is pretty big into preparedness. As much money as he has, he realizes his situation could still fall apart – if only at a personal level. Here is an excerpt from his show last week – 3/14/2012. He had a panel of guests who represent various aspects of the community. One of them is Jack Spirko, who I mention here pretty often. His preparedness podcast, The Survival Podcast, and business podcast, 5 Minutes With Jack, both reinforce the idea that being prepared is about a mindset, teaching yourself skills, and preparing for the most likely scenarios that we all face (blackouts, house fires, flooding, job loss, etc). His My community, who I have met through interaction on Jack’s forums, are a great group of people who are a lot like me… and maybe you. I used to feel like I was crazy for worrying about things and always trying to be prepared for any eventuality. But I have learned that there are thousands, probably millions, of people out there who are in a way just like me. It’s a good feeling.

Try not to judge the book of the preparedness community by the sensationalized cover provided by National Geographic and their depiction in Doomsday Preppers. With enough footage and good editing, you can make anyone look like a fool and NatGeo did their best. Instead, check out people who are doing things to better there lives like Patrick at MT Knives or the self-appointed “Goofballs” over at

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